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大地彩票出款:Southern Fund Shibo: The leading company in the industry is the main force generating new kinetic energy

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内容摘要: For the 2018 A-share market,Southern FundDeputy General Manager and Chief Investment Officer (Equity) Shibo believes that for the market st...

For the 2018 A-share market, Southern Fund Deputy General Manager and Chief Investment Officer (Equity) Shibo believes that for the market style, Shibo feels that the overall style continues to grow, after the supply-side reform in the past two years The guidance of the big policy direction is actually to find new economic growth momentum. The so-called search for new economic growth momentum is to find new growth points.

"For the market style, I think the overall style will grow too much this year. The style of A-share growth in the past is sometimes partial, but this time it will be the growth of partial industry, that is, top-down support industry to generate competitiveness through technological progress. The growth style will continue, but this growth is different from the growth of the past small stocks and theme hype. The trend of industry trends is not very big, and our thinking this year is still done with reverse thinking.” Southern Fund Shibo said.

As the chief investment officer (Equity) of Southern Fund, Shibo firmly believes that leading companies in the middle and late growth stages are the main force for generating new kinetic energy. This is because the leading companies have strong profitability and pricing power, leading enterprises. The advantages in innovation are more obvious. At the same time, through data analysis, avoiding major risks is also one of the effective ways to improve investment win rate.

Southern Fund Shibo said that many good companies may have good investment opportunities, everyone likes it, but its income can not fall in this year, it is hard to say. A good company may not have a good return right away, which may require patience, or it may take more effort to find a good company that performs in both the short and long term.

Shibo believes that medium and long-term investors are the best to find growth companies based on the selection of quality companies, and relatively low risk and high winning ratio. To gain certainty in a changing market and grow the company depends on the management team, the entrepreneurial spirit, and the business model of corporate design.

In the Southern Fund Shibo, in essence, the Internet big data environment is the environment for winners to eat. This means that if a company is not the leader now, the probability of becoming a leader in the future is lower than before. In the era of traditional manufacturing in China, one company ranked first in one province and another company could be number one in another. However, under the big data environment of the Internet, the market is unified. The winner-take-all rule determines that the current small-cap companies are more difficult to grow, and it is difficult for small-cap companies to become real growth stocks.

"In fact, looking back, if you can hold a high-quality company for a long time, you will have a longer-term investment vision, and the income will be more lucrative, which is more favorable for the investment ideas and investment style." Fund Shibo believes that from the investment point of view, where people can outperge artificial intelligence is the judgment of entrepreneurship, teamwork and industry trends. At present, these areas are still places where experienced investors can win, purely short-term, The investment method of discovering the arbitrage opportunities of the market should be given to the machine.





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